From the point of view of Educational Commission, English has become the “language of international communication”, therefore, the rising generation of French people should be fluent in French in written and oral forms. This suggests that the format of the educational systems of different countries is drastically revised, and bets are placed on the in-depth study of the English language. This decision of the French government and representatives of the French educational sector is also caused by disappointing statistic data: France ranks the last among the other European countries by to the level of English proficiency among students, and prospects to move in this direction are disappointing, grim, after analysis, the French concluded that even Spaniards, previously considered to be the most backward European nation in terms of language knowledge and proficiency in English, have overtaken the French people in the context of the overall “Anglicization”.

Teaching English is conditioned by the need to meet global standards, that would control the run of the global trend towards generally accepted civilization standards. Globalization of the world community in all areas of development requires the active use of the English language in all areas of cooperation between countries. Active exchange of students, migration flow of labour migrants indicate to establishment of single and convenient communication between all nations, diplomats, religions. The English language firmly established itself in educational, scientific and cultural development of the whole mankind.

For some time past, the greater part of the world community was convinced that the past Franco-English language war ended half a century ago – after the World War II, when the United States had gained considerable political influence around the world and English had become a means for business and diplomatic communication in the West, and later throughout the world. The English language had put out French and other languages from the position of “international” even more than a century ago – since the aggrandizement of the UK, so the extension of influence of the United States and Britain had only strengthened English language expansion. Fight for world language domination all over the world led to the victory of the English language form of communication. Even huge efforts of France failed to ensure its success in the colonial territories. In contrast to the Americans and the British, who did not force the spread of English worldwide, while just using their conquests in the new territories, the French at one time spent billions on propaganda and spread of their language in French-speaking countries of Africa and the Atlantic coast. The French government invoked and applied even punitive measures against publicly funded institutions that used in the work of Americanisms or English phrases that have a French equivalent. But this approach had not given the desired result. As English was perceived more effectively and optimally by local population than the French language. So clear is the negative reaction of France at the rapid soaring of popularity of the English language, which is quite understandable – because the United States would hardly liked, if they had to learn French or Chinese to be understood abroad. However, the total negation of the world linguistic trends threatens to turn into trouble only for France, already so severely lagging behind its neighbours – Germany, Holland and Spain – in the field of language education. This can seriously injure the competitiveness of France in international business.

Analyzing and evaluating this situation, the government and the educational institutions of France, leading experts in the field of education supported the idea of teaching English in schools, provided that it will not be the only foreign language being learnt in this study period. Such approach is also shared by other countries that are tightly involved in the world economy. In case of absence of the English language development programme in the country, this in the future will affect the country’s economic potential, its ability to integrate into the global community. At this time, in all countries, the most popular courses are English language courses. At such courses. Millions of people around the world study at such courses, that creates a powerful base for further advancement of the language around the world. Now all the modern technologies are described in English, that provides their fast promotion throughout the world and this trend is increasingly growing. Many people watch movies, read books, communicate in English. All this enables much faster inclusion into communication in English. Employment abroad for good job is possible only subject to knowledge of the English language, that is why so a great many migrants try to attend an English language course, and children are referred to specialized English-language schools, which will give a basic knowledge on the level of conversation.

At current, proficient knowledge of the English language provides a person with a competitive advantage in today’s world that allows him/her to orientate quickly at the hugest rhythm of this world. Providing oneself with the knowledge of the English language, many countries have changed over time their cultural life and way of life, where the influence of English was the most significant factor in the life activity of population. Physicians, teachers, engineers, coming to third countries, all of them had knowledge of the English language, that stimulated the local people to its study. Thus, immigrants-specialists introduced the English language into the local culture, laying the fundamental importance in the local customs and culture. Books and educational materials were massively imported, making study of the English language more accessible to the public. This period in the English language can be called missionary.

In its turn, the Catholic Church had also made a very significant contribution to spread of the English language. At one time, the Church, just on the level with Latin, used English and missionaries going worldwide with their faith also carried the new language of communication, that was very important to Catholicism. Converting whole nations to its Catholic faith, the Church also converted them into the English-speaking environment, allowing to spread the English language with a great speed, that gave its results. Missionaries brought their culture and actively promoted their teaching in English, they were physicians, teachers, priests and engineers, allowing to conquer other nations by own culture and knowledge. The English language became a symbol of the civilization progress for all nations. English entered the world of business, technics, innovations, as well as religion, so that it means too much for English-speaking people, as at that their culture and ideology are brought. The concept and strategy of development of the English language have not been changed with time, they just transform in accordance with the current circumstances, but the goals and objectives remain the same – it is a complete expansion, and replacement of indigenous languages with English, that will allow complete domination of English-speaking countries in the world.

Development of the English occurs rapidly, and this process will not stop, as a great number of countries and areas have been involved in this global process of changes. Continuous entrance of English into our world modifies and changes its qualitatively, that is ensured by communicative and innovative state of the English.

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