It is the abbreviation of „Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang“.

The DSH is a language examination which tests whether you are capable of taking on studies in a University in Germany. This exam is taken before studies commence in each of the universities.
The exam is in written and oral form.

In this way you can show both your linguistic skills and competences in the German language as a solid base for successful studies in Germany.

The DSH is for all foreign student applicants

It is also ideal for all foreign students who already have a valid entrance to study at a higher institution. Successful participation and completion of the DSH exam is obligatory for all applicants.
However, there are exceptions. More information can be found under the DSH requirements.
DSH is designed to test whether you are linguistically able to take up studies in the German language.
Can you understand the lectures in German and can you fish out the important content?
Can you answer questions on scientific topics, in writing or orally, with no problems?

Such questions will be covered in the DSH examination sections.