A Studienkolleg prepares young adults with an international school leaving certificate for a course of studies at a German college or university. If you have acquired a school leaving certificate which qualifies you to study in your home country, but which is not recognised as a higher education entrance qualification in Germany, you will need to attend a Studienkolleg before starting your studies. Because the school system, the contents of your education or the length of time you attend school are so different than in Germany, it is necessary for you to attend preparation courses at a Studienkolleg.

What are the different kinds of Studienkolleg?

Studienkollegs at a university or a university of applied sciences

There are two kinds of Studienkolleg. They are either affiliated with a university or a university of applied sciences. If you have successfully passed the final exams at a university Studienkolleg, you can study at a university or at a university of applied sciences. If you have passed the exams at a Studienkolleg connected to a university of applied sciences, you are usually not qualified to study at a university, but can only study at a university of applied sciences. Graduates of Studienkollegs can apply to study in all of Germany.

State-run and private Studienkollegs

Besides the differentiation between Studienkollegs affiliated with universities or universities of applied sciences, there is also a difference between private and state-run Studienkollegs. State-run Studienkollegs are usually tuition-free and their degree is usually valid to study anywhere in Germany. Private Studienkollegs often charge tuition and it is important that you find out whether the private Studienkolleg you wish to study at even offers a certificate which is valid in all of Germany.

Which specialised courses do the Studienkollegs offer?

The university Studienkollegs offer the following specialised courses as preparation for studying at university:

M-course: for medical, biological and pharmaceutical degrees

T-course: for mathematical, science or technical degrees

W-course:for business, economics and social science degrees

G-course: for humanity degrees or German studies

S-course: for language degrees

The university of applied sciences Studienkollegs boffer the following specialised courses as preparation for studying:

TI-course: for technical and engineering degrees

WW-course: for economics and business degrees

GD-course:for design and art degrees

SW-course: for social science degrees